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Students Loan Trust Joins Credit Reporting System

Students Loan Trust Joins Credit Reporting System

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has included the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) in the Credit Reporting System (CRS).This means that details of students who borrow from the trust will be included in the credit reference bureau to keep their credit behaviour profile. The measure is to boost the recovery efforts of the SLTF and […]

Pay up loans so others benefit

Pay up loans so others benefit

Loan facilities are provided so the beneficiaries are able to proceed with a venture and not be hindered by the lack of funds. To make such facilities sustainable, it is incumbent on the beneficiaries to pay back such loans according to the agreement governing such assistance. Unfortunately, sometimes after a facility has been established to […]

SLTF Participation in the 2018 AAHEFA International Conference, Malawi

The first ever International Conference of the Association of African Higher Education Financing Agencies (AAHEFA) which came off successfully from the 24th to the 27th of September 2018, was under the theme “Innovatively Financing Higher Education For The Jobs of Tomorrow”. The conference aims to continue efforts made to develop and implement sustainable solutions meant […]

Testimonial By Enoch

“Students Loan Trust Fund. Wow!… I have benefited a lot from SLTF that is why I always say “wow!” when I hear SLTF. I started benefiting from the students’ loan indirectly even from the days that I was not a beneficiary. You may ask, how! “…when I entered the University, I realized that most students […]

Testimonial By Amina

“When I was in my second year in school, all hope was lost as my parents could no longer cater for my education and other expenses due to financial problems. Surprisingly, SLTF wiped away my tears as I do not have to worry about how to pay for my school fees, books, hostel and other […]

Testimonial by Confidence

“I am a proud beneficiary of the Students Loan Trust Fund. SLTF provided me the opportunity to be more conscious and responsible for my studies rather than going in search for money to cater for my expenses. I used most of the money to purchase my books, food and even pay my accommodation fees. SLTF […]

Testimonial By Comfort

“Whilst on campus things grew really tough for me. Paying my fees became a challenge. My brother who was supporting my tertiary education, heard about Students’ Loan Trust Fund and assisted me in applying for the loan. The money came just at the right time and thanks to the SLTF I was able to complete […]

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