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Category: Testimonials

Testimonial By Enoch

“Students Loan Trust Fund. Wow!… I have benefited a lot from SLTF that is why I always say “wow!” when I hear SLTF. I started benefiting from the students’ loan indirectly even from the days that I was not a beneficiary. You may ask, how! “…when I entered the University, I realized that most students […]

Testimonial By Amina

“When I was in my second year in school, all hope was lost as my parents could no longer cater for my education and other expenses due to financial problems. Surprisingly, SLTF wiped away my tears as I do not have to worry about how to pay for my school fees, books, hostel and other […]

Testimonial by Confidence

“I am a proud beneficiary of the Students Loan Trust Fund. SLTF provided me the opportunity to be more conscious and responsible for my studies rather than going in search for money to cater for my expenses. I used most of the money to purchase my books, food and even pay my accommodation fees. SLTF […]

Testimonial By Comfort

“Whilst on campus things grew really tough for me. Paying my fees became a challenge. My brother who was supporting my tertiary education, heard about Students’ Loan Trust Fund and assisted me in applying for the loan. The money came just at the right time and thanks to the SLTF I was able to complete […]

Testimonial By Owusu Prince

“The students loan I took from SLTF has been of tremendous benefits to me. I took the loan during my first year, second semester and the money helped in supporting my financial needs while in school. I used the loan to pay for my house rent since I lived in a rented apartment and also […]

Testimonial by Esiawonam

“Information about the Students Loan Trust Fund came at a time when I had just gained admission into a tertiary institution and was in dire need of a top up. The procedures involved although a bit stressful, were a great step to my financial freedom, as funds acquired went towards acquiring some resources needed to […]

Testimonial by Lord Listowell

“Students loan came in when I was financially distressed. A colleague beneficiary introduced it to me when I called on him for support to settle my school fees. I quickly acquired the necessary requirements like the E-Zwich card, grabbed a copy of the application forms at Accra Technical University Zonal office of SLTF to apply. […]

Testimonial by Alex

“I applied for the student loan in my third year. Within two (2) weeks after my application I received a text message alerting me that the loan has be successfully paid into my E-zwich account. This really made life on campus a lot much easier.’’

Testimonial by Ruth

“SLTF has really helped me because, when I gained admission to the university all hope was lost. It was a challenge for me due to the financial difficulties encountered by my parents. It amazed me that SLTF paid all my fees till I completed school. Hence I never bothered about how I am going to […]

Testimonial By Collins Kenu

“During my second year in school, the future of my education looked very bleak. I had no support from anywhere because my father was deceased. I was introduced to the SLTF by a friend who happens to be a beneficiary. It took only two weeks for the money to be paid after I have applied […]

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