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Loan Repayment


The Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), has taken a significant step in its quest to ensure the repayment of student loans. In an unprecedented move, the SLTF has initiated legal proceedings against the first batch of employers who have failed to comply with recovery of students loan from beneficiaries in the formal sector under the Students Loan Trust Fund Act 2011 (Act 820). At section 24, the Act imposes a statutory duty on employers to deduct loan repayments from the salaries of employees who benefited under the students loan scheme and remit same to the Trust Fund. The Financial Forensics

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The Students Loan Trust Fund’s Novel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

“The better off you are, the more responsibility you have for helping others” – Carlos Slim.  This statement clearly expresses a deeply embedded desire in the consciousness of many philanthropists across the world, to promote the welfare of others. Giving to a good cause is a virtue that is admonished by all Faiths across the world, Ghana not excepted.  It accounts for the high number of NGO’s and Foundations operating all over the world and in Ghana; giving under various programs and projects, to worthy causes, some urgent, critical, short-termed, and others long-termed and long lasting. The Students Loan Trust

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Finding Purpose in Your Community Through Giving

Tertiary education unleashes greater potential and leaves a better outcome on individuals and society at large. This is confirmed by research. Unfortunately, an average of 35% of eligible Ghanaian students each year, are unable to attain this for various reasons. In a bid to address this alarming gap, the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) is offering a solution that removes financial barriers experienced by Senior High School students from less endowed communities, who qualify to enroll in tertiary institutions in the country. The Fund is happy to announce this home-growth solution, that can be customized to suit the unique CSR

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