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The Students Loan Trust Fund’s Novel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

The better off you are, the more responsibility you have for helping others” – Carlos Slim.  This statement clearly expresses a deeply embedded desire in the consciousness of many philanthropists across the world, to promote the welfare of others. Giving to a good cause is a virtue that is admonished by all Faiths across the world, Ghana not excepted.  It accounts for the high number of NGO’s and Foundations operating all over the world and in Ghana; giving under various programs and projects, to worthy causes, some urgent, critical, short-termed, and others long-termed and long lasting.

The Students Loan Trust Fund is applying new thinking to old problems and presenting a Novel CSR Initiative that offers a longer-term, multiple-benefit, more sustainable solution, to giving.  The Fund recognizes the pivotal impact of tertiary or higher education on Health and Living Standards, (key Human Development Indices).  The Fund reiterates the socio-economic impact of tertiary education and recognizes that,

  1. a highly educated population is better positioned to appreciate and manage the causes of endemics such as Cholera, Ebola, Malaria, HIVs, etc.
  2. The more educated people are, the better positioned they are to manage family sizes and handle family care (all things being equal);
  3. Higher education provides higher earning potential that results in better living standards.
  4. Ultimately, higher education develops human capital for national development and global competitiveness in a knowledge-driven economy.
  5. GDP is positively impacted by higher education, according to research.

The Trust Fund’s Novel CSR Initiative is a unique and sustainable solution that offers a plough-back opportunity to the act of giving.  The initiative is transparent, has clear monitoring & evaluation features, saves Corporate organizations operational costs and is a more sustainable approach to giving back.

The Trust Fund has an eleven (11) year record of accomplishment in students’ loan disbursement and recovery/repayment; and has perfected its operations with technology in the application, allocation, disbursement and recovery of students’ loans.  Good Governance structures underpin Board and Management decision making. This makes the operations of SLTF transparent, accountable, predictable, and fair to all stakeholders.

The operational flexibility of the Fund’s platform allows CSR services management under the following models:

  1. Revolving Fund/Low Cost Funds
  2. Full Grant

The Fund is availing these and many more of its strengths to institutions and individual Philanthropists who are looking to make lasting and sustainable change; and invites you to experience this initiative.



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