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Category: Testimonials

Testimonial from Emmanuel

I applied for the students’ loan in my second year when I was in financial difficulties on campus. Back then at school, if your school fees is not paid on time it consequently attracts some penalty, and you have no choice but to pay. The students loan readily assisted me to bridge that financial gap. […]

Testimonial from Ernest

“At the tertiary education level, students’ loan is one source of funding that becomes relevant to us in terms of harsh conditions faced on campus. Delay in payment of my fees often got me into lots of difficulties. Sometimes, I would even have confrontation with the Registrar of the school and at times I am […]

Testimonial from Benevolent

It became necessary to apply for the student’s loan when my dad (a self employed-businessman) lost his total operating capital to a business deal which failed. After series of court hearings he decided to let go. Being the eldest  of four siblings from a family of self employed parents and  no reliable relative to fall […]

Testimonial from Sam

“The students’ loan which I took from SLTF has been of various benefits to me, because, I took the loan in my final year when I was in dire financial need and it helped to solve a lot of my problems while in school. These include accommodation and feeding expenses.  Besides, I used part of […]

Testimonial from Georgina

“I am a proud beneficiary of the Students Loan Trust Fund. It provided me the opportunity to be more conscious and responsible for my studies rather than going to and fro in search for money to cater for my expenses. Further the loan reduced the financial burden on my parents as I used most of […]

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