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Testimonial By Enoch

sam“Students Loan Trust Fund. Wow!… I have benefited a lot from SLTF that is why I always say “wow!” when I hear SLTF. I started benefiting from the students’ loan indirectly even from the days that I was not a beneficiary. You may ask, how! “…when I entered the University, I realized that most students on campus were not conversant with the entire process of the loan, besides, since there was no SLTF office on my campus, students always have to travelled all the way to Winneba on several occasions at some substantial cost just to get information on how to complete the loan application process.
I therefore took it upon myself to know all that it takes to apply for the loan and started helping my colleagues with the online application processes. Some of the students realizing the voluntary and good services I am rendering them started rewarding me in cash and kind. This really helped me to buy books and paid for other academic expenses. This same service led to my appointment as Student loan representative on campus and students voted me as a NUGS President on campus as well.
During my third year, I applied for the loan because things became tough for me in terms of finances. Had it not been for the students’ loan, I might have deferred my program; so Glory Be To God for SLTF.
My advice for students is that; SLTF is the only institution that helps to support financing of your educational expenses without any worries till completion of school. Though the loan comes with some interest, trust me, no financial institution will ever give you loan for such a long term at that little interest rate. NB: Please do not apply for the loan if you don’t desperately need it or manage without it, so that other more needy students could access it. Thank You SLTF.’’

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