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SLTF Collaborates with Apeguso Community and Asuogyaman District NADMO for Green Ghana Initiative

As part of the annual Green Ghana initiative, the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) embarked on a tree planting exercise at Apeguso in the Eastern Region. The event aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and increasing awareness about the importance of tree planting.

The event was organised through the collaborative efforts of SLTF’s Director of Finance and Administration (DFA), Mr. Justice Wiafe Sarkodie, and staff of SLTF alongside the Asuogyaman district National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) District Director, Mr. David Sosu, and seven other NADMO staff.

Apeguso Senior High School was selected as the designated site for the tree planting initiative. The team convened with Madam Victoria Asabea Badu, the Headmistress, along with her staff and students of Apeguso Senior High School.

The Fund’s representatives also used the opportunity to educate and engage with the students and teachers of Apeguso Senior High School. The focus of the engagement was to shed light on the Students Loan Trust Fund and its No Guarantor Students Loan Policy for Tertiary Education and to also educate the students about the financial opportunity available at SLTF that will enable them continue their Tertiary Education after completing Senior High School. The Fund provided detailed and comprehensive information about the application process and the repayment terms associated with the policy to the school community. The Trust Fund after the engagement, donated some farming tools and cash to the school.

Mr. Sosu and Ms. Emma Amarkyi of NADMO and the SLTF team further met with Mr. Victor Ameko, the Assemblyman of the Apeguso community to organise a community engagement session on the No Guarantor Policy. The gathering was to disseminate information about the policy to the residents of Apeguso and neighbouring communities. The community members expressed their gratitude for the initiative, as they had the chance to interact with the SLTF and NADMO officers directly. The open dialogue allowed them to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the No Guarantor Students Loan Policy and their concerns were addressed.

The collaborative effort of the SLTF, NADMO, and the Apeguso community is commendable, as they have not only contributed to the ongoing Green Ghana initiative but also fostered awareness and engagement surrounding students loan and the No Guarantor policy.

The impact of the event is expected to resonate within the community, promoting both environmental consciousness and knowledge about Tertiary Educational funding opportunities.

Staff of the Trust Fund and NADMO also used the occasion to bond and socialize.

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