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SLTF Joins Lassia Tuolu SHS in Wa for the 2024 Green Ghana Initiative

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Mr. Nuhu Bayorbo Mahama with some dedicated staff members of the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), spearheaded an extensive tree-planting event at Lassia Tuolu Senior High School (SHS) in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region of Ghana last Friday June 7, 2024. This initiative as part of the annual Green Ghana campaign, aimed at combating deforestation and promoting sustainability across the country.

In the early hours of June 6, 2024, over 3,000 seedlings were picked from the Wa Forestry Commission of the Upper West Region, encompassing a diverse range of indigenous species such as baobab ,cashew nuts, locust (dawadawa), acacia, and thick plants which were carefully selected for their ecological value and their ability to thrive in the local environment.

The CEO; Mr. Nuhu Bayorbo Mahama also a past student of Lassia Tuolu SHS addressed the assembled crowd of students, teachers, and community members, emphasizing the importance of environmental conservation and the long-term benefits of tree planting. The effort was a collaboration between SLTF staff, students, teachers, and local volunteers, all of whom worked tirelessly to ensure each seedling was properly planted and given the best chance to grow. Many students participated actively, learning about the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance, preventing soil erosion, and combating climate change.

The CEO and Staff of SLTF also sensitized students on the No Guarantor Students Loan Application Policy for Tertiary Education, the application process and repayment terms. The session aimed to explain the application process and ensure that every eligible student had the information needed to apply for the loan to continue their Tertiary Education after completing Senior High School.

The CEO also seized the opportunity to donate an amount of money on behalf of SLTF to the Headmaster, Mr. Emmanuel Banongwie in support of the construction of a new Dining Hall for the school as a recent fire has raze down the school’s Dining Hall. The Agricultural Department also received cutlasses, hoes, axes and among many others to help maintain the plants.

He also advised and discouraged the Islamic body of the school from attempting to defy school rules and regulations based on their denominations and assured the school of the Fund’s support when the need arises.

In all, the annual Green Ghana campaign by the Students Loan Trust Fund was successful and the Headmaster of Lassia-Toulu SHS; Mr. Emmanuel Banongwie with the student body expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the CEO, staff and the entire SLTF for their impactful visit.

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