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Events in May 2016

The Students Loan Trust Fund is carrying out 2 major events in May 2016

From the 23rd May – 1st June, 2016, the Fund would be organizing orientation for Staff and Student Representatives of the Colleges of Education in the Upper East and West; Northern and Brong-Ahafo Regions.

A Stakeholder Forum will also be held in Bolgatanga, capital of the Upper West Region, from 20th -23rd May, 2016.

It is  an avowed stance of the Fund to ensure that every Ghanaian tertiary student studying in Ghana stays in school and complete their programmes of study. Therefore as part of our efforts, the Forum shall address 2 prominent issues pertaining to peculiar financial constraints confronting these students, namely:

Pre-Registration Continuing Students Loan (PRC-Students Loan), and

Students Loan Plus (SL-Plus).

The Pre-Registration Continuing Students Loan (PRC-Students Loan) is meant to solve the problem that arises due to the fact that, continuing students on the loan scheme are unable to raise money to pay for registration at the beginning of the academic year and therefore, most of them had no choice than to defer their programmes of study or drop out of school all together.

The Students Loan Plus (SL-Plus) on the other hand, is expected to meet the needs of prospective Ghanaian students from financially-challenged background, who cannot meet the initial financial requirements of pursuing  accredited programmes in accredited tertiary institutions.

The forum, therefore, brings together a rich cross-section of stakeholders in tertiary education including: Public and Private Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education; Distance Learning Institutions; and other tertiary institutions.

Consideration has also been given to representatives of students’ bodies and advocates of students’ affairs. The Students Loan Trust Fund is being represented by its Board of Trustees and Management to ensure an effective 2-way communication amongst the key stakeholders.

The Forum is, ultimately, meant to secure stakeholder buy-in as well as obtain their inputs for successful rollout or implementation of the above mentioned designed loan products.


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