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Participation in University of Ghana Law School Week from April 7th -10th 2014

The STUDENTS LOAN TRUST FUND (SLTF) is collaborating with Executives of the Law Students Association of the University of Ghana Campus to sensitize Law Students on the availability of the Student’s Loan to assist with the financial needs of their tertiary education.

This collaboration will commence a week prior to the Law week with the SLTF running sensitization materials to Law student through brief presentation prior to, or immediately after their lectures in the week of April 1st-4th in the following order:

No Date Time Activity
1 Tuesday, April 1, 2014 5.00pm Sensitization for level 100/200
2 Wednesday, April 2, 2014 4.00pm Sensitization for level 400/100
3 Thursday , April 3, 2014 4.00pm Sensitization for level 400/300
4 Thursdays, April 10, 2014 8am-5.00pm Orientation for all law Students and Loan Clinic

Furthermore, as part of the Law Week, the SLTF will hold Loan Clinics and run presentations on their activities at the Auditorium of the New Law Faculty Building. The Loan Clinics will offer the students a one stop centers where interested applicants can immediately be assisted to apply.

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