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Orientations and Loan Clinics for institutions

The Operations Department with support from the Public Relations Unit will be lending operational support to the Zones, through Orientations and Loan Clinics for institutions in which there are challenges, to enable the Zones perform well on their targets for the 2015/16 academic year.

The activity is a phased one:

1.  Eastern Region- 15th to 19th March, 2016

2.  Northern Sector – 3rd to 22nd April, 2016

However, intermittent engagements outside of this schedule shall be conducted on any institution that requires support from Heed Office between now and June, 2016.

The visits will also be used to invigorate the existing relationships with stakeholders, sensitise Administrators of new institutions on the SLTF product; and address teething problems identified by the Zones.

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