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Visit to the Volta Region from March 16th – 22nd 2014

A team from the STUDENTS LOAN TRUST FUND made up of the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Loans Disbursement Manager, Public Relations Officer, and Zonal Officer will be visiting all Colleges of Education and other Tertiary Institutions in the Volta region from March 16, 2014 to March 22, 2014.

The key objectives of the visit will include:
1. To increase awareness on the availability of the loan to support tertiary education.
2. Provide answers to questions on our products
3. Reduce the myth about loans
4. Establish one-stop loan clinics to register applicants immediately
5. Resolve outstanding challenges with existing applicants, and
6. Promote stronger ties with the administrators of the various tertiary institutions.

Whiles in the region, the team will be hosted on Volta Star radio. This offer will create an avenue to reach out to the parents / guardians as well.
Below is the itinerary for the visit:

March 16th – 22nd 2014

No Date Time Institution
1 Sun, March 16 9.00am Peki Col of Edu, * Peki
2 Mon ,March 17 2.00pm EP Col of Edu, Amedzofe, VR
3 Mon ,March 17 9.00am St Francis Col of Edu, Hohoe
4 Tue, March 18 2.00pm St Theresa Col of Edu, Hohoe
5 Tue, March 18 9.00am Jasikan Col of Edu, Jasikan
6 Wed, March 19 2.00pm Dambai CoE, Dambai
7 Wed, March 19 9.00am Holy Spirit CoE(orientation)
8 Thur, March 20 2.00pm 


+ * Ho Poly/UHAS Radio 

Discussion-Volta Star

9 Thur, March 20 9.00am +EP University
10 Fri, March 21 2.30pm Akatsi, CoE
11 Fri, March 21 9.00am Peki Col of Edu, * Peki

Red text – Loan Clinic
* – Local Radio discussion
+ – Zonal office visit

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