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The Board & Management of Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) highly commends the under-listed companies, for their compliance efforts on Section 24 of SLTF Act 820(2011), and urge all Employers to attain Gold Status.
Our next publication of Employers- In- Good Standing will rank employers according to the key below, and will be published in national newspapers. Employers are therefore encouraged to strive for Gold status.


Proactive Employers who induce employees to pay; Proactive Employers who pay to the bank by themselves, Regularly, on time and add schedules in right format, and keep track of payments

Employers who pay on regularly but fail to add schedules; Employers who pay on time but fail to pay to the bank by themselves.

Employers who need prompting to pay; Employers whose payments are irregular and Employers who do not use SLTF approved format, but pay all the same.

By this publication the Students Loan Trust Fund sounds a final warning to non-compliant employers, be they Private, Public, NGOs, or Informal, to take immediate measures to comply with Section 24 of SLTF Act 820 (2011), in order to avoid sanctions.

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