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Acknowledgement by Mrs. Sheila Naah Boamah, CEO of SLTF

Mrs. Sheila Naah-Boamah

Mr. Chairman, Executives, I dedicate this recognition to the Lord Almighty, first and foremost;

To the entire dedicated professionals at the SLTF; My husband and Sons for accommodating and supporting my long hours of work, and finally To NUGs for this recognition.

To be honest I have been celebrating this from the day I heard it. This recognition is very important to me and my Team. We are highly motivated by the fact that the people we were set up to service are recognising our effort at making campus life comfortable.

We are motivated but will not be complacent.  We will continue to deploy innovative means to deliver to our students a product that is relevant and on time. We intend to improve our service delivery until we can offer students what the bankers call “Prestige Banking” whilst recovering it the UT way.

We will continue to work closely with NUGS to ensure that the Students Loan Trust Fund remains relevant to tertiary education in Ghana.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our collective responsibility to sustain this very important national intervention that supports Ghanaians to attain higher education. Let’s all get involved and use the funds when we are in school but repay the funds when we are out.

Thank you all very much. God Bless our Homeland Ghana.


NUGS Citation
NUGS Citation
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