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Q. How much loan can I get?


Your loan amount depends on your needs assessment. Currently, the loan amount ranges between GHS450.00 and GHS1,200.00

Q. Can I access the Loan if I guarantee for another student?


No. Any student who guarantees for another student does not qualify for the loan, he can only access if the borrower (i.e. The one he/she guaranteed for) gets a replacement guarantor for him/her.

Q. Do I have to pay for registration?


No, registration is free. You just need to log onto our website ( and start the application process

Q. What will I require to apply for the loan?


You will need the following items in order to apply for a loan:
Social Security Number
e-zwich Account
An email address
a guarantor

Q. How will I receive my loan?


Loan disbursement is done through the e-zwich platform alone.

Q. Can I use someone else’s e-zwich account details?


No. this is not allowed

Q. Can I at any time suspend/stop the loan during my course of study?


Yes you can. You can request to suspend or stop your loan using the request form on the website (click here to download the loan suspension/stop form).

Q. Can I assess a loan for my postgraduate programme?


No. A graduate student does not qualify to access the loan.

Q. Can I receive another student loan to do another undergraduate programme?


Yes you can. You would have to submit a letter of intent to the SLTF for approval before you can proceed to apply.

Q. How can I ensure speedy disbursement of my loan?


You have to ensure that you complete your loan application form properly, attach relevant supporting documents  and submit your application early.

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