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Q. How can I get a loan from SLTF?


You can get the loan by applying to SLTF. To apply follow these easy steps:

Step 1     Log on to the SLTF website

Step 2     Follow link on website and apply for loan (You may save and continue with the application later if you do not complete at one sitting).

Step 3     Follow general instructions in filling out forms online

(Upload a passport picture online)

Step 4     Print out the summary pages of your Loan Application Form

Step 5     Print out and complete the Guarantor Deed and Students Loan

Agreement forms (Complete all forms in BLACK INK and BLOCK LETTERS only)

Step 6     Have your fingerprints (INDEX AND THUMB) and your guarantor’s

THUMB PRINT taken at any SSNIT branch office. You will be assisted by a SSNIT official. (Guarantor thumbprint applies to SSNIT guarantors only).

Step 7     Attach photocopies of the following:

i.        Student ID card and Admission letter.

ii.        SSNIT ID number or SSNIT reference number.

iii.        e-zwich card (both sides).

Step 8     Submit 2 original copies of the duly completed forms and copies of the supporting documents to your respective SLTF Campus Office

Q. When can I apply for a loan?


Online applications are opened at the beginning of each academic year. Specific details would be communicated through your campus office.

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