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The Students Loan Trust Fund gives loans to Ghana tertiary students who are pursuing accredited programmes in accredited tertiary institutions. These students must have gained admission to pursue undergraduate programmes only.

What are the application requirements?

In order to apply you must:
a. Register at any SSNIT office for a social security number
b. Have a personal e-mail address.
c. Provide  one guarantor.
d. Register for an e-zwich card.

You may use your social security reference number to apply for the loan

We ask for a guarantor, someone who will back up the loan and assist the Trust Fund to trace the borrower when repayment is due. In the event of death or incapacitation of borrower, guarantor is absolved from loan repayment. Guarantor will be required to pay back any outstanding loan due as a last resort, only when the borrower cannot be traced to pay back.

The loan may be guaranteed by one of the following types of guarantors
a. SSNIT Contributor
b. Recognized Religious Body
c. Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly
d. Corporate Body

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