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Employer’s Notice

The Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) wishes to bring to the attention of all employers in both the private and public sectors that section 24 of the Students Loan Trust Fund Act, 2011 act 820 enjoins employers to ascertain from employees who are beneficiaries of student loans about their status and report those who have not fully repaid their loans to the SLTF.
Employers are further mandated to withhold monthly installments from the salary of employees and remit same to the SLTF within fifteen (15) days after deduction. Deductions withheld can be paid at the Head office of the SLTF at no. 47, 3rd Crescent Avenue Asylum Down, near Highgate Hotel or into A/C below:

Bank: Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)
Branch: High Street
Account name: Students Loan Trust Recovery
Account number: 1011130036815

All employers are to note that failure to deduct and remit same to the SLTF constitutes an offense under section 37 of the SLTF Act.

All employers are to note the provisions of the law and act accordingly to help sustain the scheme.

For further information and enquires, please contact the SLTF on 0302 231886/7 or email;

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