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Colleges of Education (CoE) Speech

Principals/Vice Principals, Staff Members Present, Our Loan Ambassadors, Distinguished Teacher Trainees, Good morning/afternoon
It is a pleasure to be visiting yet again this year. At the start of every academic year we take the time to engage School authorities and orient students on our loan application processes for very good reasons. We understand that our CoE require some special attention to ensure a smooth transition. So far, our efforts have yielded good results. We are happy to announce that In the 2013/2014 academic year the SLTF serviced 41 colleges of Education across the country. 39 of these being Public and 2 being Private.
2) We deem our orientation encounters very important because it creates an opportunity for the Trust Fund to provide our prospective clients adequate information on the process. It also makes it possible for us to address all your concerns. We have learnt a lot from such encounters which will inform our relationship as it develops.
3) In the 2013/2014 academic year we encountered some challenges with applicants from the CoE and will use this session to address many of the areas that posed challenges to our ability to process for some of you on time and in the worse cases our inability to process at all. The challenges we faced per our analysis emanated from two key reasons:
I. The non-existence of adequate internet infrastructure in some of our Colleges, and
II. The poor completion of the Students Loan application forms.
4) We have provided training for our representatives on your campuses and therefore we expect less of the later challenge this academic year.
5) We entreat students to pay particular attention when we present the orientation slides because it will form the basis for an easy application process for both parties.
6) We continue to assure you of early disbursement from our part if you play your part properly. As Teacher Trainees we have all entered into adulthood and therefore must start taking responsibility of our actions and inactions. That is to say, if you pay attention and do the right thing you will get the expected results and when you do not, unfortunately you will have to pay a price, but this time the price will be either a late disbursement or a non-disbursement all together.
7) Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today because the Students Loan supported me through my tertiary education when it was my time. I have paid off my loan and i am proud i was partially responsible for my education. I am looking forward to ensure that this fund is sustained through recovery to ensure that the fund survives to service my kids when they grow
8) Hon Principal, Members of staff present Distinguished Teacher Trainees. We acknowledge the very good collaboration we enjoy from School Authorities and we commend you highly for that.
9) As a State Institution we will continue to require your support as long as we disburse to Students on this campus. I wish on behalf of my Board of Trustees to say a very big thank you.
10) We trust that we will continue to enjoy your support to ensure that students get the best of service from my team at the Students Loan Trust Fund.
Thank you.

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